Frist Time Drivers: What Cars Will Suit Them?

A new driver and a new car? It seems like a match that is not exactly made in road driving heaven. Or so it seems. This pair can work, but it needs to be perfectly matched. And that will only happen if the car is specifically meant for new drivers. Yes, there are cars that are new driver-friendly. So that is what you need to target if you are a beginner driver yourself.

New car drivers are already dealing with a lot of pressure. The intricacies and details of actually driving the car are already a handful to worry about. Learning when to shift gears or to step on the brake pedal from the gas can be quite confusing or even stressful. Sure, they might not be applying for any commercial driving staffing job soon, but it can help to learn those and more.

They would see a short guide about the easiest cars to drive for new drivers as a godsend. It could at least help drivers make careful and educated decisions based on facts. There would be no relying on guesswork. Here are the top cars that fit new drivers the best.

Honda Civic

The Honda Civic is a very well-rounded car, and that makes it great for new drivers. It also happens to a good-looking vehicle, which is a plus. This car has parts that easily and readily available, so that would not be a problem. That adds to its overall reliability and value. To top it all off, it is also relatively affordable.

Toyota Prius

If you want a car that has safety as its primary concern, then the Toyota Prius is as good a choice as any. It has several features that focuses on safety more than anything else. With its brake assistance, four braking systems, and vehicle stability control, you can see why many people are choosing this car.

Subaru Forester

driving a car

The Subaru Forester is not one of those cars that immediately come to mind when you think of new drivers. That is because it is an SUV and this type of car is not thought of as a new driver-friendly. But this model differs from the rest. It is a crossover that offers better visibility than its competitors. The Forester also has fewer blind spots and a larger cargo space. Drivers are also treated to the optimal traction that this car provides over snowy and wet roads.

Hyundai Elantra

The Hyundai Elantra’s claim to fame is that it got a five-star crash rating from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. Among its features are six airbags and plenty of room for its passengers. New drivers would also be thrilled to know that it has a lot of technological upgrades, even for their standard models. On top of all that is the Vehicle Stability Management (VSM) system that it has.

This list contains only four cars that new drivers will find easy to drive. But it is a start, and some might even find that these are more than enough for them to choose from. The important thing is that these cars are all-new driver-friendly and will allow them to develop their driving skills even more.

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