High-Paying Blue Collar Jobs You Should Try

Are you wondering about what career you can pursue? It’s understandable if you cannot decide that easily. There are so many options that are available that it is not easy to pick which career path to pursue. Will you go for one that requires years of study in college?

That’s okay if you want to become a doctor, engineer, or a lawyer, but if those are not the career paths that you want to follow. Then you need options. It’s helpful to know that there are blue-collar opportunities that you can pursue, which will open good career paths for you.

Blue Collar Jobs That Pay Well

There has been a stigma attached to being a blue-collar worker. Some people believe that blue-collar jobs are only for those without other options in life or that blue-collar jobs are all low- paying. Those are the reasons why most students opt to go to college and pursue white-collar jobs instead of trying construction employment or careers or other jobs that required manual labor.

The truth is that some blue-collar jobs pay very well. Here are some of those high-paying jobs:

  • Bricklayer. The median annual salary for bricklayers is almost $46,000. Bricklayers work with different materials to build walls and maintain buildings and homes. The job is very physical, but it is ideal for those who enjoy hard physical work. It’s not just about using muscles. Bricklaying requires skill and a natural eye for craftsmanship.
  • Firefighter. On top of fighting fires, firefighters are also expected to help people during other types of emergencies. As first responders, they are also trained in giving first aid. Firefighters have a median annual salary of $44,597. The work is very dangerous, and there is a real danger of getting hurt and getting killed, but it is also one of the most trusted professions in America.
  • Electrical Repairers. Electrical repairers are trained to maintain and repair electrical systems in power stations and substations. To become qualified for this job, one must undergo extensive training. The median annual salary for this job is $77,770.

electrician on work

  • Refinery Operators. Several jobs would fall under this category. Those would include Petroleum Pump System Operators and Gaugers. The petroleum industry is really known for providing high-paying jobs to people, and refinery operators get a median annual salary of $68,190.
  • Power Plant Operators. Power plant operators are tasked with running and maintaining machinery used for generating electricity. These workers earn an annual salary of $75,970.
  • Aircraft Mechanics. Technicians and servicing aircraft get an annual salary of $62,540 a year. To become an aircraft mechanic, one must undergo extensive training, but it pays very well.

These are just some of the high-paying blue-collar jobs that you can try. For most of these jobs, you will need to get some form of technical training which may take one to two years, but the cost of getting trained is still cheaper compared to going to college.

Other jobs would not require a technical course, but one must undergo hands-on training under someone who is more experienced.

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