How is Videoconferencing Changing the World?

The pandemic has cost countless lives across the world and has brought whole countries into a grinding halt. Nearly a year after it first appeared, people all over the globe have come to grips with the new realities imposed by the virus. However, it’s not all bad news during these uncertain times. People are putting technologies to good use to overcome restrictions imposed by the pandemic.

Videoconferencing programs, like Skype and Zoom, have seen unprecedented increases in daily active users and meetings. In December 2019, Zoom only had 10 million daily meeting participants. By April 2020, that number skyrocketed to 300 million. Skype has seen similar increases in users and meetings. Businesses of all sorts, from multinational corporations to operations with only a handful of employees, are using videoconferencing software to operate in a semblance of normalcy.

Below are other ways videoconferencing software is changing the world and opening new horizons in the new normal.

  1. Education

The closures and restrictions imposed by the pandemic has affected over 990 million learners all over the world. This accounts for over 56 percent of all enrolled learners globally. However, videoconferencing software has enabled millions of teachers to interact with their students in an entirely digital environment. Some schools are even offering to teach entire academic batches completely over videoconferencing.

Your child could take their entire year of junior high on the internet. These platforms allow students to continue their education easily, with such features such as screensharing allowing teachers to convey lessons.

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  1. Medicine

It’s natural to want to avoid hospitals during a pandemic, with medical facilities being overwhelmed and the risk of contagion considerably higher inside them. However, people still need to see their doctors. Videoconferencing tools have made it possible to receive medical advice within the confines of your own home. Hospitals and other healthcare providers around the world are embracing telehealth services. Although they’re not an ideal solution, telehealth solutions allow patients to converse face-to-face with their doctors.

Aside from videoconferencing, telehealth covers a wide range of digitally assisted health care services such as using mobile apps to monitor your well-being and getting test results online.

  1. Fitness

The community restrictions and lockdowns imposed on most countries have shuttered plenty of businesses and gyms were one of the first to go. Millions of fitness enthusiasts and people who just want to keep healthy have had to find alternative means to stay in shape.

Videoconferencing software has made it possible for coaches and fitness instructors to stay in touch with their clients. You can now enjoy your old fitness routines entirely through Skype and similar programs. Your coach can assess your form, give you pointers and inspire you. Thanks to videoconferencing, you can lift weights, do yoga or even jazzercise all under the watchful guidance of a professional fitness coach.

  1. Entertainment

Large outdoor gatherings and congregations are extremely risky in the pandemic given its method of transmission. Naturally, the first businesses to close include those that cater to entertainment such as sports stadiums, movie theaters and concert halls. However, videoconferencing has brought new life to these entertainment facilities.

Although multiple musicians have had to cancel their gigs in the interest of public health, they’re now setting up virtual concerts over videoconferencing platforms. Some of these performances are prerecorded and edited affairs although there are also live virtual concerts. Videoconferencing has provided new life to entertainers and their fans alike.

The pandemic has impacted countless lives in the last few months and everyone is looking for a return to normal. However, for the meantime, videoconferencing software provides a digital alternative and a safer method for carrying on with your life.

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