Addressing Body Shaming in the Workplace: Breaking the Stigma

Each person is unique in their own way. This is especially true for our biology, which also has a major influence on our physical appearance. Many individuals will have their lifestyle, eating habits, and nutritional needs since we are all different. That said, each person will vary in physical appearance.

Most would say that physical appearance is usually influenced by lifestyle, our daily sustenance, and the environment that we are raised in. But other factors are also beyond our control, such as heredity and medical conditions.

But when we are interacting with people, we often hear derogatory remarks and comments regarding someone’s physical appearance. Many of these comments are even worse for many individuals working in offices and just about any workplace.

While calling out the bullies is the most sensible thing to do, many of these remarks can still negatively impact a person’s body image. These negative impacts can lead to problematic issues, such as purging and eating disorders. In fact, recent studies have shown that one out of five adults has problems with their body image.

So what are some key ways of addressing body shaming in the workplace? How do you ensure that your organization is not affected by such toxic behaviour? Here are some important ways of breaking the stigma.

Incorporating Training Courses on Mental Health

One of the most important ways of addressing body-shaming is by making individuals aware. In the past year, many companies and organizations have been placing emphasis on mental health. The COVID-19 pandemic has caused many changes to how businesses and workplaces operate, which has caused a spike in mental health cases in the past year. Ultimately, this has lead to a plummet in productivity.

Fortunately, many businesses are placing time and effort in training employees and breaking stigmas regarding mental health. Training and educating employees on the importance of mental health can help set the stage for better interpersonal relations between teams and departments. At the same time, this is a great way of training employees to interact with potential clients and customers.

Are you still looking for training and online classes to help your employees up to speed with mental health? Well, you won’t have to look far since mental health first aid courses are licensed mental health experts to do. Mental health will always be a good investment whether you’re just an individual or associated with a business organization.

Cultivating a Safer Working Environment

Another important way of ensuring that everyone in the workplace is still productive is by cultivating a safe space. Let’s face it; bullying and a toxic working environment can drastically affect the productivity of employees. It can distract them and bog down on their thinking as they try to work. When employees can easily concentrate on their work, it’s easier to become more productive.

So how do you ensure that the workplace is safe for everyone and that work can continue without any problems? You might want to consider having rules and guidelines in place that can stem bullying. Body shaming and bullying are often related to each other. It’s best to discourage individuals from giving unsolicited advice, especially if it’s not related to work. Remember, there’s a difference between promoting wellness at the workplace and body-shaming individuals.

Building a Support Network

Last but not least, the most crucial way of addressing body-shaming is by building a support network with friends, family members, and like-minded organizations. Many individuals with low self-esteem mainly attribute this to body image problems and being surrounded by individuals who support this toxic notion.

When there is a support network, it’s easier to break down the stigma of body shaming. Many organizations are aware of the need to address the body-shaming problem in the workplace. Becoming part of these support groups is a great way of breaking the stigma about body shaming. They can lend a hand to those affected, which can be a way to address the issue.

Body shaming can have a lasting effect on co-workers, colleagues, and even friends outside the workplace. Although there’s nothing wrong with helping others have a more healthy lifestyle, it’s still crucial to keep in mind that body shaming can significantly impact a person’s mental health and body image.

Even though these are some tried and tested ways of addressing body shaming, it’s still important to encourage individuals that you know that there is no alternative to professional care. If body shaming has already reached a point where it can interrupt daily life and productivity, help from therapists can manage emotions.

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