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Natural Learning Concepts has been creating and distributing autism products since 2003.  Our products for autism include a wide range of books, on-line materials, downloads, apps, flashcards, workbooks, social stories, and more.  People with autism, Asperger's syndrome, speech and language disorders, and others with learning disabilities call us frequently.  The feedback they provide is instrumental in creating products for autism, speech and language materials, social skills products and more.  

We have been publishing speech therapy products for over ten years, and our team is dedicated to providing quality products that work.  We have a solid line of speech therapy products to help students increase language and social skills.

Our selection of products for autism and speech therapy products holds great variety.  We have an excellent line of academic and curriculum products for autism, such as reading comprehension, the science curriculum in cartoons etc.

Reading comprehension and language products include items such as "The main idea," Similes and Metaphors, Spelling, Idioms and more.

Teach Science with Cartoons is a top seller.  This is the entire core curriclum in cartoons.  It's on-line where it's interactive, has real photographs embedded, worksheets, quizzes and student's score history is tracked.

Social skills products for autism and speech therapy products include software, flashcards, social stories, emotion products, "what to say" and "fitting in" products and a whole lot more.

Students with autism, aspergers, language delays, learning disorders and those who require speech therapy products also benefit greatly from our Daily Living Skill products which include items such as problem solving, schedules, making predictions, functional skills and more.

We are committed to helping those with special needs, whether one has been diagnosed with pdd-nos, autism, asperger's syndrome, speech and language delays, learning disorders, learning delays, adhd or anything else.  We often find that there are deficits in some areas and incredibles skills and talents in other areas, and these can be used to really help fill in the gaps.

Please enjoy reading the wealth of articles we have on the site, including many free downloadble products and items.








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