You Need a Break Before You Break, Mama

There is nothing more noble and joyous in this world than watching our kids grow before our very own eyes. We have given up our careers to change diapers and breastfeed. We have given up late-night cocktails to watch these tiny humans learn ABC and 123. Moms literally do everything, from cleaning the house, cooking meals, to role-playing with their kids. But after a long day of picking up Lego pieces, moms need a break, too. Not every day, all right. But once a week maybe?

So don’t look down on moms who choose to leave their kids in a day care center because they need a break. If they don’t take care of themselves, they’re going to go crazy. Not everybody is as composed and well-organized and has perfect little angels like you. Never look down on a mom who chose to call the babysitter or the grandparents or their partners to deal with the kids. Never do that ever.

Moms Are Not Superhuman

Contrary to what is always being joked about, mothers are not superheroes. They don’t have superpowers. They cannot time-travel or do everything at once, no matter how hard they try. They get exhausted both physically and mentally. Have you ever broken down and cried while taking your three-minute shower with your kids banging the door? That’s normal. This experience, while exhausting to the bone, is normal. Every mother goes through it. Don’t ever believe that a friend of yours who said that she never once felt exhausted with her kids. She’s lying.

They Regain That Positive Outlook

woman doing yoga

Mothers can’t sometimes help that they begin to see the negative in every situation. They rarely have time for themselves. They lose who they are in the process of motherhood. This affects their attitude in life. It affects their moods. If you notice yourself sounding angry and sad all the time, take a break. One afternoon of strolling the park by yourself can make a world of difference. Why don’t you meet some old friends from work or school? You will come home refreshed and with a more positive outlook of your life.

They Realize What a Joy Their Kids Are

Sometimes, because moms are at the point of mental exhaustion, they scream at their kids. Does that mean she loves them any less? Far from it. But the love and joy are being overpowered by the physical exhaustion of having to take care of them. It’s the kind of bone-deep, soul-crushing exhaustion very few people who don’t have kids will not understand. It eats you up inside, and you become the worst possible version of yourself.

But after an hour of stepping out to regain their composure, the mom will often go home missing her kids once more. That one hour will help her realize what a joy her kids are. That break will make her more enthusiastic about her responsibilities to her family.

Again, it is okay to be physically and mentally drained. It’s part of the process of being a mom. It’s okay to want to take a break. You’re your own person. You deserve that. You’ll come home better because of it.

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