Why More Businesses are Hiring Through Staffing Agencies

Hiring takes a lot of time, effort, and skill; you can’t just read through people’s applications and resumes and select the ones you think are good. You’d have to invest a lot of time and effort into the screening process and interviews before you can find a qualified worker that’s fit for your business. And even then, you wouldn’t be assured that they can perform well on the job, and you’d have to go through the hassle of firing and hiring again if they can’t do their jobs properly.

This is why more and more business has opted to delegate the task and have individual workers hired through staffing agencies. There are many staffing agencies available for different industries: there are driver leasing services that allow you to hire a skilled and qualified driver through their agency, hospitality staffing agencies that let you hire for cleaning and housekeeping, and there are even staffing agencies that offer experienced office and clerical staff for hire.

Whichever business your company’s in, there’s always a staffing agency that you can rely on. So let’s take a look at the reasons why more enterprises prefer hiring through staffing agencies:


One of the best advantages of hiring through a staffing agency is how easy it is to select and employ already-screened and qualified candidates. You no longer have to read through hundreds of job applications, go through numerous interviews, and assess performances of candidates since the staffing agency has already done most of that for you. Some, if not all, staffing agencies provide performance and experience summaries, as well as qualifications, of the available staff for hire (and sometimes their varying salary rates in specific industries). Overall, hiring through a staffing agency saves you time, effort, and money.

Industry Expertise and Knowledge

Staffing agencies often have a stringent screening process, and they usually employ industry experts and require certifications when screening for qualified staff. As such, when you’re hiring someone, say, a driver, through a staffing agency, you’d know that they pass industry standards and qualifications. Staffing agencies specialize in finding the best and qualified workers so you wouldn’t have to.

Lower Risk

Hiring through a staffing agency reduces that risk of hiring wrong or unqualified candidates. Not only does hiring unqualified candidates cause headaches, but it can cost time and money. You could also opt for “tempt-to-hire” services that let you try out employees before you fully employ them.



Some companies only need additional workers for a certain period, whether to keep up with the demands of the season, covering for sick or maternity leaves of staff, etc. Most staffing agencies allow you to hire staff only for a specific period through a contract. This means you no longer have to worry about layoffs and downsizing when the period is over as their contracts expire — although it’s up to you to rehire them if you see that some of the temporary employees you’ve hired through the agency are worth keeping.


Staffing agencies aren’t only convenient for your company, but they also reduce risk and possible losses due to inexperienced or unqualified employees. With staffing agencies, you no longer have to deal with “applicants” but go straight for qualified candidates to choose from. So if your business needs more staff, do consider hiring through a staffing agency.

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