The Pros And Cons Of Technology-based Education You Should Know

The modern world has become fast-paced, that living without technology is almost unimaginable as you need it to connect, look for opportunities, make income, and even learn. Of course, even if technology is doing a great deal of help to make a living in the modern world so much easier, the trend also has some critics with some valid arguments against using it too much, especially when learning. It would be worth exploring the pros and cons of this trend and how it can affect learning to utilize it better.

How Does Technology Impact Modern Education?

Everyone knows that most in-demand jobs would prioritize hiring people with the talents and skills to use technology. Unfortunately, capitalist ideologies would give more value to people with these assets as most jobs are technology-centric now, so the education system has fully integrated technology into its curriculum. It’s no longer enough to be smart and talented, as you also have to be skilled with using technologies.

Of course, one more factor that has elevated technology into an essential part of education is the Covid-19 pandemic, making online classes the new normal for every student. Most students only needed a computer or a laptop, a stable internet connection, and a conducive space with some home air purification system. For some, it was the best way to continue learning with lesser risks. But for many, it was a challenging transition, which more people saw as a way to continue scrutinizing technology-dependent education.

The Pros And Cons Of Technology In Education

It’s vital to know both pros and cons of incorporating technology in education. Exploring both would allow you to know how much it can help and the problems you might encounter.  Here are some of the disadvantages you should know about:

Technology is not affordable for many

Unfortunately, studying in these modern times wouldn’t just require you to have some books, notebooks, and pens. It would help if you had some gadgets which are not affordable for many middle-class families, which could cause some students not to have the proper technologies to keep up.

Technology would need its users to be knowledge

Of course, operating a computer and using some apps and tools can be learned, but not everyone could be tech-savvy right away. This problem could pose another challenge in maintaining a proper learning environment.

Technology could make preparation a little time-consuming

When some tools, internet connections, or apps experience some lags, it will cause some minor delays in lessons. Both students and teachers could experience some problems when preparing for tasks and lessons when these happen.

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Of course, technologies can bring many other things to the table, which could help make learning a better and more enjoyable process. Here are some of them:

Technology allows information to be more accessible

One of the main benefits of technology is that it gives you access to more information, especially as more search engines like Google have given you the power to look up anything you need and verify what you get from different sources. If you need a film review, the latest news, historical facts, videos, photos, etc., then technology makes all of these things you need for learning more accessible.

Technology allows faster communication

Most students have different messaging apps and social media, making communication and information exchange easier and faster between their peers. Of course, you have emails, Messenger, WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook, Telegram, and other apps where you can send and receive messages without any delays.

Technology makes learning more fun

There are many types of learners, and having access to technology would allow you to focus on the method to learn better. If you’re a visual learner, you could watch YouTube tutorials and lessons; if you’re an auditory learner, then there are some podcasts you can listen to. Most of this content is free and would allow students to learn using the manner they know best.

Technology can make users more productive and creative

There might be too many distractions when you go online such as the notifications from your social media. But once you overcome these and learn how to focus, technology could be something you can use to become more productive as you get more work done in a shorter period. Additionally, technology could make you more creative as many things can stimulate your creative juices online.

Modern Education Needs Modern Solution

Of course, the benefits of using technology in learning outweigh the challenges. It’s important to also find ways to know and overcome these disadvantages as technology will continue to become a part of learning.

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