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How does it work?

What is Teach With Cartoons?

Teach with Cartoons is aligned with the National Standards Science Curriculum.  It's a digital and interative textbook.  However, this is no ordinary textbook.  The content is presented in comic format. It's been known to increase the motivation of students who love reading cartoons but typically find textbooks very boring.  Students also enjoy the fun activities and realistic images which bring science to life.


Teach With Cartoons teaches students at all levels with varying abilities. Many teachers love this benefit as they are responsible for educating students with IEP’s all the way up to advanced students, who are typically placed in the same class.  Teachers love the thousands of downloadble worksheets, charts, graphics reviews and quizzes which save hundreds of hours in preparation time.


Teach With Cartoons can be accessed through a browser. This allows for the flexibility to use it in the classroom as a supplement, or for students to use it independently at home with the tasks assigned to them.  The embedded features such as quizzes and worksheets increases the accuracy of students, potentially resulting in highly improved grades and scores both in the classroom and on standardized tests.


Some Great Features Why Teacher's LOVE it

Full science curriculum in cartoon format
Aligned with National Standards
Over 1,000 curriculum based worksheets
Hundreds of realistic visual images
Hundreds of audio definitions
Quick reviews after each page
Easy chapter summaries
Graphic review sheets
Self paced system
Integrated quizzes
Fresh content added frequently

It saves hundreds of hours in preparation time

Helps teach students at all levels

Keeps students motivated and on task

Improves their student's grades

Can be used in school or at home

It follows national and state standards

Plug and Play - simple and intuitive


Who purchases Teach With Cartoons?

A big benefit of Teach With Cartoons is that it works for students with different learning levels and abilities.  It's becoming increasing popular in school districts and homeschools and is typically used by the following populations:

  • Regular Education and Advanced Students - used as for independent pre-teaching as well as for review.  Repetitive use of quizzes to increase scores
  • ELL Students - The cartoon format makes for easy comprehension of material.  The downloads and activities supplment understanding
  • Special education students - The material is fun, engaging and motivating.  It's easy to comprehend and the worksheets, activities and quizzes are perfect for differentiated instruction
  • Homeschoolers - Teach with Cartoons can be used as an independently driven system.  Parents need not know a thing about science for their children to achieve great scores.
  • Homework Help - Independent Science Tutors are being replaced by Teach With Cartoons, which takes a complicated curriculum and makes it easy.

What grade is Teach With Cartoons for?

Teach with Cartoons is used in the following ways:

Elementary School - Teach with Cartoons: Science Made Easy for Elementary School

Middle School - Teach with Cartoons: Science Made Easy for Middle School

High School - The Special Education Departments typically use Teach with Cartoons: Science Made Easy for Middle School


Does this cover the core curriculum?

Yes, all our material is aligned with the common core and national science standards.  Students learn exactly what they need to understand the science curriculum and improve their scores.  Since we keep current with the changing standards, content is immediately changed to reflect any updates.

(If you are using the stand-alone version, content is updated once per year.)


Pick the correct subscription for your needs

School or Classrooms - Students and teachers may access Teach With Cartoons from any computer, as long as they are connected to the Internet.  Worksheets, quizzes and ativities are integrated into the cartoons, which makes learning easy and fun.  Teachers can subscribe to the classroom version, or distircts can subscribe to the school version.  Additional teacher or student logins can always be purchased separately.


Parents or Homeschool - Only one login is typically required.  This will give you access to all the content as well as answer keys.  Hide the answer keys from your child or student to make sure they comprehend the content.  If you are using it as a self paced system - you should purchase the additional student login for $10.  This way your child will not have access to any answer keys and can work independently.  You can use your login for the answer keys to make sure your child or student is accurate.



How much does Teach With Cartoons cost?

Thanks to funding, we keep our prices low (we'll do our best to make that last)

Please fax all Purchase Orders to (631) 858-0061

Purchase orders can be emailed to support[at]teachwithcartoons[dot]com 

You are welcome to call us too - (800) 823-3430

TCS Teach With Cartoons Single User Subscription $99
     -TCSS     Additional Student Login (optional)  $5
TCC Teach With Cartoons Classroom Subscription $200
     -TCCT    Additional Teacher Login (optional)  $5
     -TCCS    Additional Student Login (optional)  $1
TCD Teach With Cartoons School District Subscription $500
     -TCDT    Additional Teacher Login (optional)  $3
     -TCDS    Additional Student Login (optional)  25 cents


Can Teach with Cartoons be used for Regular Education?

It most certainly can.  Teach with Cartoons is used by many school districts.  Teachers typically have students with a wide range of abilities.  The higher level students use Teach with Cartoons to independently be prepared for the upcoming lesson, as well as for review and quiz practice, as this helps them increase their scores.

Students who find science more challenging greatly benefit from the cartoon format, prioritized key points and supplemental activities, downloads and quizzes.  Teachers find that their students improve scores at a steady pace by using Teach With Cartoons.


Can Teach with Cartoons be used for Differentiated Instruction?

Yes it can.  The beauty of the system is that it simplifies complex topics and illustrates them with comics.  Topics are broken down, and worksheets range from simple to complicated.  Teachers can pick and choose worksheets for a class or individual students.


Can Teach with Cartoons be used for Special Education?

Teach with Cartoons is built for students at all levels.  In the school system, it's commonly used in regular eduation classes, ESL classes, blended or integrated classes, and special education classes.  If you take a look at the demo,  you'll see why it works for all levels.


Can Teach With Cartoons be used for Homeschool?

Absolutely!  Teach with Cartoons is independently driven.  This means that parents/tutors can choose to be involved while their student works on science.  They can also assign chapters and tasks to students who can work alone.  The system is extremely intuitive and no technical skills are required, other than basic computer skills. 


Can I use any computer for Teach With Cartoons?

Yes.  As long as you have a browser and an Internet connection you'll be able to use Teach with Cartoons.  We strongly suggest using Google Chrome, as it integrates the audio in a far superior manner, and our site typically runs faster on Chrome.


If you are using the stand-alone version, Teach with Cartoons can be installed on any windows or mac computer.


Can this be used on an iPad or Android Tablet?

Yes.  The comics, audio definition, images and all activities can be used with a tablet.  Quizzes can also be completed using a tablet.  Worksheets are designed to be downloaded so that they can be completed in class or for homework.  While they can be viewed on tablet, they must be completed by hand, as students do in class and in a test.


What subject areas does Teach With Cartoons cover for middle school?

Teach With Cartoons covers the full curriculum for middle school.  There are over 1,000 pages and that doesn't include the the thousands of worksheets and quizzes, plus over a thousand audio definitions, realistic images and activities.  The topic areas include:

  • Introduction to Science
  • Life Science
  • Biology
  • Earth Science
  • Meteorology
  • Environmental Science
  • Chemistry
  • Meteorology
  • Physical Science

How do teachers use Teach With Cartoons for homework?

It's always dependent on the teacher's style of educating her students, but many teachers tell us they give their students a simple instruction such as:  "For homework today, sign onto Teach With Cartoons, read page XX to page XX and complete all the associated worksheets and quizzes on those pages."

It's as simple as that!


How do teachers use Teach With Cartoons in the classroom?

Everyone has a different style of teaching, but this is what teachers tell us:

As a supplemental resource, teachers project the comics onto a white board or smart board.  Students complete the Teach With Cartoons associated worksheets or written quizzes the teacher picks for the lesson.  As the teacher goes through the comics on the screen, using the graphic reviews to drill down the topic, students work on the documents.  Activities integrated into the comics are done as a classroom activity, keeping the students motivated and on-task.


How do I find specific content that I'm looking for?

Finding content is easy and can be done in two ways.  On logging in you are given access to a menu.  The menu contains all the subject areas of science from Introdution to Science, Earth Science, Biology, Life Science etc.  It's really easy to navigate the menu and find the section your'e looking for.


The other method of finding content is by searching for it.  Once you get access to the system and login,  a search bar will appear.  It runs along the top of every screen.  You can't miss it!  Simply type the key words you're looking for and press search.  A list with all the related content will come right up.


If you are using the stand-alone version you will see an icon to search.  Simply click it and type in your search term


What type of worksheets are included?

A variety of different worksheets are included:

  • Related Worsksheets - There is a related worksheet for every page of comics.  These are questions that directly refer to the cartoons.  In other words, students might be asked a question about frame three, or might have to refer to an audio defintion, or perhaps make an observation based on something a cartoon character says.
  • Charts - Students might be asked to complete specific charts, or make comparisons or an analysis on the topic being discussed.
  • Diagrams - Students might need to label diagrams or perhaps create one, based on the current subject area.
  • Questions and Answers - Students might need to answer a list of questions about the material being presented.


The worksheets are diverse and we strive to make students think out of the box, and to get a true understanding of the concepts needed for the science curriculum.


Where do I find the answer keys?

Worksheet Answer Keys

Answer Keys are for Teacher Access Only.  Teachers and Students are given separate logins.  When you see these two icons, they represent a worksheets and answer key.  

worksheet icon Worksheet Icon
worksheet answer key Worksheet Answer Key Icon

Students have access to the Worksheet Icon.

Teacher's have access to both the worksheet icon and the Answer Key Icon 


Quiz Answer Keys

After completing an on-line quiz, results are immediately tabulated and students are given a score and a certificate.  They are also provided with their answers and the correct answers, making this a fabulous learning tool.  Teachers are also able to print out answer keys for quizzes.


Activity Answer Keys

The system is filled with interactive activities.  Examples are match ups, sequencing, flip games etc.  Students are presented with answers right after the game so that they can see where they went wrong, making it a great learning tool.  Of course seeing where they were correct is extremely motivational!



If you are using the stand alone version, you'll be given instructions on how to logon to the website to access worksheets and answer keys.


What type of activities are included in Teach With Cartoons?

Activities are designed to be fun and educational.  We have a number of different activities that students enjoy.  Some examples are:

Lab Activities - most students enjoy hands-on activities where they get to test theories.

Sequence activities - presented in game format, students might need to place steps in sequence, such as the stages of mitosis, the rock or water cycle

Match Up activities - presented in game format, students might need to match correct data, such as physical or chemical changes

Videos - Students might be given a quick movie to watch.  These might include a quick question and answer sheet too.

Guess the Word - Presented in game format, students might be timed while they quickly try to guess the correct terms and science definitions.


These activities are motivating for students and an excellent method of ensuring students are grasping the content. 


How do the quizzes work?

Two types of quizzes are included in Teach With Cartoons:

On-line Quizzes

Quizzes are integrated right into the cartoons in the school and classroom version.  Students click the quiz icon and the quiz begins.  The quizzes might be multiple choice, wordbanks, true or false, or image based.  On completion, the students scores are immediately tabulated are they are given a score.  If they passed, they are also issued a certificate.  Their quiz results can be emailed to their teacher or printed out.  Students are shown all the questions and possible answers, the correct answers, as well as the answers they picked, making this a valuable learning tool.


Printable Quizzes

Quizzes can also be printed out and completed by hand.  Many teachers do this when providing a quick "pop" quiz in class.  In instances where not all students have Internet access,  the written quizzes can be assigned for homework and returned to the class teacher.


Can students scores be tracked?

Students quiz results are tracked for as long as you subscribe to the system.  Student history contains the following:

  • The date they took the test
  • The time it took to complete the test
  • Their result and if they passed or failed
  • The questions on the test, what their answer was and what the correct answer is
  • Their quiz certificate (only issued if they passed)
  • A report they can download

How are students able to prioritize information?

For the most part, we do that for them.  This is extremely helpful to students who have trouble prioritizing what's imporant verus information that's secondary.  At the beginning of every section, there is a download called "Key Points".  In addition, after every page of cartoons is quick review of "The previous page taught us that...."  At the end of every chapter, there is quick summary, essentially telling students "this is what you need to know."


How frequently is the material updated?

We keep in alignment with the core curriculum and national science standards.  The content and material is updated on a continual basis.  Any updates made to the curriculum are immediately reflected when you login.  Quizzes, worksheets and activities are routinely added, increasing the large repisitory of downloads and information.  School and classroom versions get immediate access to updated content and materials.


Stand alone versions get access to updated content upon login to the website.  For stand-alone versions, content is updated once a year.


Can I purchase Teach With Cartoons with a purchase order?

We do accept purchase orders.  Please visit this page for easy instructions on how to go about this.


How do I know if Teach With Cartoons is used by my district?

Teach with Cartoons is used in many districts throughout the USA, as well as some International Locations.

You can find out if it's in your district in two ways:

1.  Please check with your Science Director or Science Department at school

2.  Please let us know the name of your school, plus your state and we'll let you know.  Click here to do that.


Can I arrange for my school to see a demo of Teach With Cartoons?

Yes, you sure can.  Please contact us so we can set this up for you.


Can I get funding to purchase Teach With Cartoons?

Most often the Science Director or Principal is easily able to approve the purchase of Teach With Cartoons. For schools that are dealing with a closed budget, let us tell you some of the ways teachers have been able to get funds.

* A school carnival

* A school version of America's got talent, with the audience voting

* A bake sale

* Fund raisers through the PTA

* Applying to organizations such as Digital Wish and Grant Wrangler